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Hive Spaces

Hive Spaces is the easiest, simplest, and most affordable way to manage your lease portfolio. Whether you're a Tenant or Broker and oversee fifty leases or just one, Hive Spaces will save you time and money as you spend more energy on your business and less managing your leases.


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Manage Leases

Hive Spaces is more than a lease management system, it’s a portal to your entire portfolio. With team collaboration, you can share information with your team so everyone remains on the same page.

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Track Critical Dates

Track any type of critical date or option across your portfolio. Hive Spaces sends your email notifications to ensure you remain knowledgable on everything that affects your business.

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Forecast Costs

Hive Spaces provides you will full visibility to your payment schedule across your portfolio or in any lease. Easily view payment starts, stops, and escalations so you can properly forecast and budget for the future.

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